Re-Colour & Rejuvenate Your Grout


Because of its porosity, cement based grout will generally absorb whatever falls onto it . . . . soap scum, body fats, dust and other contaminants. As a result, the grout often becomes discoloured and looks dirty and unsightly.

NeoTile’s ‘Colour & Seal’ treatment creates a long lasting, durable and attractive layer of protection that prevents dirt and contaminants from being absorbed by grout. The treatment creates a waterproof seal, which means the re-vitalised colour is ‘locked in’, while dirt and stains are ‘locked out’.

Grout Before Cleaning


Grout After Cleaning


The treatment involves the use of a water based epoxy sealer. It creates no noise, no smell, lasts up to 15 years and is easy to maintain. It’s also much less expensive than replacing the grout!



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