Anti-Slip Floor Treatments Application


Thousands of Australians are injured every year from accidents associated with slippery floors.

The OH & S implications for your company are daunting because legally you are responsible if one of your employees, or a member of the public, slips and falls while on your premises. Financially this could be devastating! WorkCover NSW tells us that the average cost to an employer for one workers compensation claim for a slip related accident is around $19,000. Add to that the financial, emotional and physical costs to the injured worker and their family and the impact of one ‘little slip’ could be ruinous!

Tile manufacturers, in the main, are now creating products that meet the stringent standards required by the industry and consumers. However, in those instances where slippage is a problem, the quickest and most effective solution can lie in an anti-slip treatment to the surface of the tile.

Neo-Tile uses and recommends a unique 3 step, spray on/ wash off process that creates outstanding underfoot safety on all slippery surfaces. The treatment can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, laundries . . . and on patios, steps, around pools – in fact anywhere where a floor surface is a slip hazard, especially when wet – inside or outside – domestic or commercial. The NeoTile anti-slip solution is simple to apply, does not smell, can be walked on straight away and it’s GUARANTEED FOR TWO YEARS! It’s not a sealer or a coating, so it can’t rub off. The wetter the surface the more effective the grip becomes.

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