The Ultimate Protection for Natural Stone.
Revitalize your stone bench tops with this amazing Australian technology… read more

natural stone repair

Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Basalt, Travertine . . restore your stone floors to their original beauty… read more

repair floor tiles

Porcelain and other ceramic tiles are naturally alkaline – which means no acid based cleaners should be used… read more


Because of its porosity, cement based grout will absorb dust, soap scum and grime – it can become discoloured, dirty and unsightly . . . don’t despair… read more

anti-slip floor treatments

Dangerous floor surfaces can cause physical and legal distress. Thousands of Australians are injured every year from slip and fall accidents on slippery floors… read more


NeoTile specialises in cleaning and sealing marble, travertine, limestone and all tiles. Our mission is to make your tiles and natural stone look amazing.


Your tiles may be new or they may have been on the floor for ten years. The older they are the more susceptible they are to the hard knocks of normal wear and tear. But with the right care and maintenance they can always look like new! The majority of our business is involved with fixing problems related to damaged stone and tiles – surface stains, acid damage, dull and ‘lifeless’ tiles, dirty grout. Many of these issues can be fixed quickly and easily but . . . when left to linger can develop into major headaches!

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