Cleaning & Restoring Your Floor Tiles

All tiles and natural stone are alkaline by nature, which means when cleaning, we try to avoid anything acidic. We will use pH neutral or alkaline cleaning products on your tiles (neutral for regular maintenance: stronger alkaline for periodic heavy duty cleaning) and a wet vacuum to remove all waste material.

The reason for not using acid based cleaners is simple. Opposites attract! (eg. men & women;  north and south magnetic poles; acids and alkalies)
Here’s an example – if an acid (such as vinegar) is poured onto a soft stone like limestone, it will react almost immediately with the (alkaline) minerals in the stone, resulting in the formation of new compounds, which often appear as a nasty residue on the surface of the stone. The same process will occur if acid is used on a harder substance, such as granite or ceramic tiles – albeit more slowly, but over time you may notice a discolouration on the surface.

Polished porcelain is of particular concern. The polishing process actually opens up the tiny surface pores, making it easier for the tile to trap dirt and dust. All polished porcelain should be given a thorough heavy duty clean (including a wet vacuum) every six to twelve months.

All natural stone and most tiles should be sealed after installation. Most good quality sealers should last for at least ten years.

What does a sealer do?  By filling the tiny cavities in the surface of the stone or tile, a sealer will close up any porosity and help to repel stains. A sealer will not guarantee ‘no stains ever’, because if a contaminant is left on your tiles long enough it will eventually soak in and create a stain. Sealers simply allow you more time to clean the offending material from the surface.

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